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Uma Interiors specialise in Commercial Interior Design across the whole of the UAE and Saudi Arabia as well as internationally. Our Interior Designers have extensive experience with projects that include fit-outs and designs for offices, restaurants and cafes, hotels and resorts and more.

The UMA team of interior designers have experience with commercial projects of any size from single office rooms to full resort room and apartment designs. Our main objective is to create work and leisure spaces that are fully functional, creative and harmonious ensuring client and employer well-being, comfort and productivity.

We collaborate fully with clients to ensure that they are getting the functionality they need to run the business and all the elements they need to promote and express their brand.

Restaurant and Cafe Interior Design

Modern Restaurants and Cafes invariably feature visibility of how the business operates. So it is very common to have large bar work spaces and kitchen serving areas all visible to the clientele. People enjoy and get confidence is seeing their food being prepared.

In design, these areas have to be strong features of the business concept. They not only need to look impressive but they have to contribute to the workflow and the smooth running of the business. Maintaining ease of service and clear high traffic pathways is vital to maintaining a vibrant and high energy working environment.

Then there is the customer areas that need a comfortable, welcoming and spacious feel to ensure a pleasurable experience. Lots of natural light and views enhance the experience for customers and provide a positive reference point for people to encourage friends to visit the establishment.

Ceilings and statement walls provide further visual stimulation that enhances the positive atmosphere.

Enhancing the brand and the style of the brand is also of upmost importance. The look and feel needs to match the brand genre. A classical ambiance for a retro brand is not the best symmetry and would confuse customers.

The interior of a restaurant or cafe, needs a lot of attention to detail and working practices to be effective. The Uma Commercial Team have vast experience in developing the right mix of style and workability. Our working process not only creates amazing designs for your new space or remodelling projects but provides all the support you need through to completion and snagging.

Commercial Interior Design - Cafe

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Hotel Interior Design

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Corporate Office Interior Design

Designing an office space is multifaceted and people centric. If spaces are both public and private facing then you need to design for both the employees and the clients.

The space needs to serve it’s purpose for promoting staff well being and productivity but also provide a positive insight in to the companies brand and culture to reassure clients.

Modern buildings use a lot of glass and glass walls that deliberately provide visibility of meeting rooms and and the workings of the business. “Nothing to hide” is a positive cultural statement nowadays. Creating an atmosphere and culture of nothing hidden behind closed doors creates an atmosphere of transparency and a confident open working practice. This creates a positive impression on clients and a healthy working atmosphere.

The space also needs to cater for the employees. Collaborative areas, social areas, communal areas with kitchen services, meeting rooms, presentation areas all combine to create a fluid environment for people to work in. Enhancing natural light, natural colours and adding greenery to a space creates a more open and fresh feeling to the workspace.

Large open plan spaces may have activity based and or hot desk working practices that need to be addressed.

Sharjah Villa Living Room Interior Design

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Hotel Commercial Interior Design

UMA Interior designers have experience in hotel spaces, resorts and hospitality apartment projects.

Hospitality Industry Projects range from boutique hotels to large resorts like the Zanzibar Resort and Apartments

Creating the luxury look and feel is an essential part of the concept but also creating spaces and using materials that are cost effective and workflow centric is an equally vital element. Looking great is of no value if the ongoing costs are high and it’s time consuming to manage, maintain and clean.

We collaborate to make sure that the hospitality spaces we design meet the technical, functional and complete budget scheduling the project requires as well as providing a welcoming, comfortable experience for the business’s guests.

Sustainability in the materials and fixtures and furnishings play a vital part in providing cost effective designs with longevity to maximise return on investment

Why Use Uma Interiors for your Commercial Interior Design Project?

  • We collaborate to create the best possible plan and architecture elements for return on investment.
  • Our use of the latest technology provides state of the art designs and detailing.
  • 3D views that provide a “real” 360 view of the design space. This technology creates a virtual interactive representation of the space for an accurate view of the finished project before committing to construction.
  • Ensuring that the required functionality is always included and not forgotten in producing a beautiful looking environment is vital for a successful design. We will always find ways to include the right operational features with the guests luxury expectations.
  • Our team will support the project from idea inception through to completion making sure quality and required functionality is not compromised in the construction phase.
  • Our procurement team will always search for and negotiate for the best materials, fixtures and fittings that the budget allows.
  • Providing high quality designs that suit purpose and aesthetic aspirations is our prime core principle.

Our Latest Commercial Interior Projects

Commercial Interior Design

Qatar Hotel

6 Star Hotel Reception

Commercial Interior Design

Zanzibar Resort

Hotel rooms and spaces inspired on Wabi Sabi art.

interior office deign dubai

Index Tower CEO Office Dubai

Executive office designed to create the look & feel of a cigar lounge.  

“UMA Interiors have excellent taste and resources. When we were developing our burger concept Smashed, they led us in new and different directions that provided beautiful solutions. They have great attention to detail and were able to deliver a design that stands out while meeting our budget costs. The skilled workers and contractors they work with are first rate and artists at their craft.
We would highly recommend UMA Interiors and will be looking forward to our next project together.”

Grit hospitality

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