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Uma Interiors are a leading home interior design company in Dubai. Home design is a key element of the Uma design success story for UAE, Saudi Arabia and International clients. Commercial projects also figure strongly, especially Office and Hospitality Interior jobs.

The UMA team design for all types of home interiors from single rooms to small house interiors and complete modern villa interior designs. Our core principle is to design with sustainability for the ultimate balance of beautiful design, key functionality and the features our clients require.

Our collaborative design process ensures that this balance is established and maintained through to the delivery of the completed project. This ensures that the client’s brief and expectations are met. Throughout the whole process, we make sure that everything is transparently clear and that nothing is overlooked. Attention to detail results in the best outcomes.

We can work from a new concept or existing new development shell and create the ideal spaces for your home. We also design total renovations and makeovers. 


Comtemporary and Modern Home Interior Design Styles

Contemporary and Modern design styles are frequently described as the same interior design style. They are not the same.

If you were to describe contemporary as trendy then you would more easily understand the difference. Trendy design uses the styles and products of the moment. They remain contemporary for a relatively short time as new trends soon become fashionable.

There is nothing wrong with this but if you want to remain trendy it means that you will be remodelling quite a bit to keep up with the current design vogue.

Modern Interior Design is not only a style it is derived from a movement and a philosophy. As a result, it remains constant. The Modern Style is one that uses clean lines, a sense of minimalism and clutter-free living.

Colours are generally neutral and muted with a warm tone. They also tend to be uniform to enhance the lines that are created in the space. Gone are the heavy designs of the multi-coloured wallpaper.

The emergence of steel and glass in architecture is also a modern style. The physicality of the larger spans and larger windows that comes with a steel-framed building means that open-plan living is also a Modern design.

At Uma, we are inspired by mixing the best of contemporary technology features and the Modern Interior style to give longevity to our designs. The result is your return on investment is assured as it is less likely you will be redecorating in the near future.

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Modern Kitchen Home Interior Design

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Kitchen Interior Design

In a modern home, the kitchen has taken on a central position in the home lifestyle. Open plan, maximum counter space, integrated storage, island and breakfast bars, and large windows with a natural extension to outdoor entertainment. These are all part of modern design. The kitchen is now a multi-purpose hub.

People gather there, families eat there, and the kitchen is not just a cooking zone anymore.

At Uma, we design kitchens for all budgets using the very best elements of modern design and state-of-the-art technology.

Sharjah Villa Living Room Interior Design

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Living Room Designs

Luxury, elegance, comfort and functionality. A living room is essentially a private and entertainment space. It needs to be comfortable and functional to serve both purposes. 

The space needs seating to accommodate guests. Adding accent occasional chairs as well as sofas can help guests congregate to interact easily.

Accent and end tables can add functionality for placing items and adding table lights to highlight areas in the space.

Modern technology can easily zone and control lighting and create the right mood and amount of lighting required.

You can also control the temperature and your audio and media (TV) with the ever-growing voice-activated systems.

A living room can have clever storage solutions and shelving to present items like ornaments, pictures, and books.

A flow through to an outdoor living space provides extra entertainment space.

Uma Living Room designs carefully for your personal needs and creates ideas that can enhance the functionality of a modern living room design.

Modern Living Room Design

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Bedroom Interior Design

Private luxury and calming serenity

Your bedroom is your haven. It’s where you want to feel most at ease and surrounded by ultimate comfort.

We work with you to maximise the features to match the space and your budget.

Ensuite Bathrooms, Walk-in Wardrobes, relaxation zone, and outdoor terraces are all modern elements that can be accommodated for if the space and architecture allow.

Uma Interiors will create a luxurious bedroom that has features that will match the space and your budget.

Modern Outdoor Living Design

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertainment space is a big part of modern life.

Modern design has open-plan kitchens and living rooms flowing into outdoor paces as an extension of the internal space. The large sliding glass doors make this integration practically seemless.

There are times though when about door space is not as seamlessly integrated. It maybe a roof terrace or on a different level to the indoor space and so you may need an outdoor kitchen or other features.

Uma designs outdoor spaces to meet your needs and your entertainment requirements.

Why Use Uma Interiors for your Home Interior Design Project?

  • Collaborative pre-design consultation to determine the client’s specific needs and outline interior design ideas
  • Collaborative design phase – we provide mood boards to illustrate the look and feel of ongoing plans. feedback and discussions lead to an ongoing plan to produce more definite designs.
  • Once a design has been completed we provide Home Design 3D views that provide a “real” 360 view of the design space. This provides an accurate representation walk-through of the design space so clients can have a “last look” before the project design is finalised and we move to the work phase. Changes here will cost a lot less than once the build has started.
  • All our designs have a balance of aesthetics and functionality. The two work hand in hand. There is little point in a home looking wonderful if it’s very hard to do the things you want and need to do. Our priority is to design a space that looks and performs to the client’s expectations and aspirations.
  • We support you through the whole journey from the design phase all the way to project completion. Our project management team will look after all procurement, contractors and quality control ensuring you get an on-budget, on-schedule and high-quality home interior design.
  • The Uma team will always work to find the best quality and best value products and materials for projects. From furniture and soft furnishings to SMART home design technology, we have experience and long-lasting business relationships with the best suppliers and manufacturers available.
  • Our whole philosophy is to give clients the very best in modern design that meets their budget and provides them with a home that perfectly suits their lifestyle. We work closely with clients to create a positive working environment and a clear understanding of what is required and what is possible. We build trust so clients are confident that they are in safe hands and can relax and enjoy creating their dream.

“Working with Mia was a great experience, she was able to understand my personal needs & style and develop it perfectly. She managed to turn a house with no identity into a place I can say it’s my home & that reflects my character”

Lama Jammal/Dubai street style (house renovation)

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