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Interior Architecture and Interior Design

Feb 8, 2023 | Home Design

The Difference between Interior Architecture and Interior Design

In simple terms Interior architects and interior designers both play an important role in the design of a building’s interior. An interior architect is responsible for designing the interior of a building and creating a space plan, while an interior designer is responsible for the actual furnishing and decoration of the interior. Both of these roles are essential in creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior space.

Interior architecture focuses on the functionality of a space, taking into account the practical needs of the occupants and the space itself. On the other hand, interior design focuses more on the aesthetics, such as the colours, textures, and furnishings of a space.

However, sometimes roles merge a bit and an interior designer might have important input into a property’s space plan.

An important difference though is that a Interior architect requires a licence to operate.

Interior architects must take into account the functionality, safety and the appearance of the building and create a strategy.


Interior Architecture Design Strategy

  • Create a safe and complaint building
  • Determine what functionality is required for human occupancy and clients particular requirements.
  • Calculate what space will be required for these functions
  • Discuss what the building should look like – how many floors, number of ensuites and bathroom access to outside space…….
  • Plan the best way to utilize the building’s space with the general layout of the interior architecture, including the wall placement, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, structural accents. Also this plan should include the placement of furniture, the installation of any additional features such as lighting fixtures, potential colours and textures to create a cohesive design that will utilize the building to its fullest potential.

Interior Design

While there is certainly plenty of similarities between Interior Architects and Designers and instances where their roles overlap, there are also some distinct differences that should be taken into consideration. For example, interior architects often focus on the structural and functional aspects of a space, while interior designers tend to focus more on the aesthetic elements. Additionally, interior architects are more involved in the construction process, while interior designers typically are not. Ultimately, both roles are essential to creating a beautiful and functional space.

Interior design is more about aesthetics but aesthetics is not everything. There is no point in something looking good if it does not contribute the the dwellings functionality. A lovely looking oversized furniture that inhibits effective traffic flow or blocks access is next to useless.

Furthermore Interior design is a profession that focuses on architecture and space planning, creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing designs for home interior and businesses. Uncomfortable furniture in a majlis is not conducive to  relaxing guests.
But more importantly the choice of materials can effect the general well being, comfortable temperature of a space, energy saving and more. Lighting design is also a key facet to a comfortable space and this is one of those things that is better discussed before all the lighting fixtures and switches are finalised.

The earlier a Interior Designer is involved it is potentially more beneficial. The work of the Interior Designer can be restricted by the layout of the Interior Architect – be that wall placement and space planning, electrical fittings and the plumbing. If the Architect and Designer can work collaboratively the outcomes are usually better. They can feed off each other’s ideas and learn from the collaboration. To this end if the two get on then great outcomes are more likely. Architect and Designer in some Design studios work together all the time as a well established team.

Interior Architecture and Interior Design

Working with Uma Interiors – Interior Architecture and Interior Design

At Uma interiors we have an in-house team of Interior Architects and Interior Designers. Some have the qualifications and experience in both. Interior Architecture and Interior Design are integral parts of the complete design process and by having an inhouse solution for both elements is a huge benefit in achieving the best outcomes.

This is perfect for our clients as we have a turnkey in-house solution to create the living spaces you want and also provide the aesthetic design to match. This means less stress and fewer headaches with a united approach to projects. Everyone is onboard working to the same brief to ensure that our clients get the very best in space planning, and functionality with the desired aesthetics. Interior Architecture and Interior Design are integral parts of the complete design process and by having an inhouse solution for both elements is a huge benefit in achieving the best outcomes.

Working with Uma Interiors provides you with a total package with the right qualified people at the helm.

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Interior Architecture and Interior Design

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