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Interior designing in Dubai today merges the classic and modern interior design styles. Marrying classical Dubai culture with modern form and functionality. Bringing the best of state-of-the-art design and technology to the unique sense of cultural identity. Similarly with the property boom in Riyadh there is a great need for great interior designing.

At Uma Interiors we embrace the past and design into the future combining traditional beauty with the modern aesthetic, for a contemporary lifestyle. Our international projects will also bring together an appreciation of the design culture of the location and the modern design style.

When you work with Uma Interiors we not only design for your lifestyle but we offer services that will provide you with a full design experience from the start of an idea to the full implementation and completion of the project. We guide and support you every step of the way so you have a positive experience in creating your dreams.

1. Free Meet and Greet

Interior Design Consultations

A personal meeting is the key to start any project. Our first step is to have a one-on-one introduction to get to know your needs, wants, likes & dislikes. The initial consultation is free.

With every client we aim to build a relationship built on trust and create a comfortable working atmosphere for positive outcomes.. We advise and illustrate interior design ideas that can achieve their design objective. Its essential to understand the client’s vision to translate it into an idea and to conceptualize it.

Our primary goal is to provide clients with a designed space they love and that has the functionality they need. From here we can move on to the actual design process.

Dubai interior designing sketch

2. Brainstorming / Idea & Concept

Interior Designing

After gathering all the requirements & aspirations from the client we start brainstorming, researching. sketching. Its a high energy creative time and results in mood boards, sketches & generic plans that reflect on the concept that we would like to develop.

Using Space Planning theory develops the best use of the the project area and creating suitable size spaces and areas to create comfort and functionality.  

Ideas come in all sorts of dimension, forms & shapes and need to easily translate the desired design vision to the client. Its at this point that we also address any particular problems that people have. Common areas of concern are:

  • How to make a small space look bigger
  • Ways of implementing lighting in the space without making it either overwhelming or to dim.
  • Successfully mixing more than one style in a space
  • Making a space functional as well as aesthetically pleasing
  • How to make a place look beautiful and elegant on a limited budget.

Once we have formulated the ideas into a mood board we share it with the client so we can solidify the collaboration of ideas and thoughts to clarify the design path we will be moving forward with.

By combining our skills in Interior Architecture and Design we create the best use of space and create beautiful, comfortable and fit for purpose home and commercial environments.

Dubai interior design mood board
Modern Interior Design Mood Board

Interior Designing Mood Boards are an excellent way of refining, expressing and visualising the look and feel of a project. Clients find them easy to engage with and easily understand the consistency of style, colours and  functionality.  A great mood board is a great tool at this stage of the design process.

All modern interior designs require the adoption of sustainable fixtures and features to enhance energy savings, low maintenance, and comfort. Modern technology and IOT can control and automate temperature, lighting, security and entertainment for your total comfort and peace of mind.

Our designs are not just about being beautiful they need to provide the functionality and the requirements you need. We balance aesthetics with functionality.

Whatever the project – Interior Design, Architectural and Landscape Design, Renovation, Residential or Commercial project we provide our services to make a positive impact and draw on our team’s vast experience to create your design.

3. Putting the concept to paper

Technical Drawings

Once we have decided on a specific design & mood (style, colours, materials), it is time to put them down onto paper with drawings. This 2D phase is where we develop plans, sections & elevations.

Planning is the key to the beginning of every design. This is where we gather design & functionality to bring them into harmony and where we apply the rules and technicalities needed to achieve the right circulation & dimensions.

Interior Designing - How We Work With Clients

4. Visualisation

3D Interior Design

With the 2D plans complete and approved we generate 3D rendered views that allow a virtual “walkthrough” of the design space. These views provide clients with the opportunity to see the design to scale and how the design space will “really ” look like. They have 360 degree rotation so you can see a room from any point of view. They provide the final chance to make any alterations before the production process.

5. Joinery & Details

Budget and Timeline

Once the design is finalized, we develop the detail drawings along with the material boards, furniture selection, project budget and timeline.

6. Project Management & Implementation

Design to Reality

The final stage we band together with our contractors to implement the design & turn it into reality. This phase involves procurement and placing the necessary orders, buying the selected furniture & supervising the entire fit-out process to completion.

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Interior Designing - How We Work With Clients

" The main design factor is not to make a place beautiful but to create a great experience that enriches lives."


Dubai Interior Design

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