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Office Interior Design

Corporate Office Interior Design

Designing an office space is both a creative and complex operation. An effective workspace needs to match your company brand and culture as well as provide a space that is a conducive environment for the well being and productivity of employees and meets the central requirements of the business’s needs.

If spaces are also public facing the design needs to portray your company in the a way that illustrates your work ethic, efficiency and business practice.

Clients want to feel confident and see openness and transparency when in a business space. Open collaborative spaces, glass walls, visible meeting rooms all give off the impression that there is nothing to hide here – that the company is fully transparent in what it does. When clients feel positive about an environment they don’t start to subconsciously think there is something going on here that doesn’t feel quite right, 

The purpose-built workspace also needs certain intrinsic requirements so the business can actually do its job. Certain equipment areas. amenities, high traffic pathways, a number of meeting areas or presentation areas, separate public and private facing zones. At UMA we discuss all these requirements and offer solutions before building designs around the actual business needs.

Creating your new workspace design starts here.


UMA Interiors prides itself on creating exciting spaces by using best practice design methods. We firstly determine what particular requirements the business needs to function and then develop schematic concepts to fulfil the required functionality. We then apply the creative design elements of line, colour and shape to create a balanced functional and aesthetic plan.

We incorporate your brand culture, design and objectives into our designs so there is a harmony in the visual look and feel. 

You can trust our excellent design team to provide you with outstanding ideas and concepts. Ongoing discussions produce a fine tuned concept that is put down to drawings. mood boards and ultimately interactive 360 degree rendered visualisations for a virtual walkthrough the workspace.

To accomplish this each client is treated in a totally unique way that matches the individual requirements. Every business has different needs, different working methodology, different look and feel. We cater and create to meet these demands in a completely individual way. We may draw on our experience to determine solutions but the process is always personal. One size does not fit all.

When clients visit your offices it’s important they will feel that the space matches their expectations of your brand. They need to experience a natural and transparent insight into the company they want to employ. When they see a happy thriving workforce they will know they are making the right decisions. When a workspace reflects your brand, ethos and intentions and reinforces your client’s expectations in a positive and confident manner, then we feel we have done our job.

The Process and Workplace Strategy?


In an initial meeting we determine what the company needs to function as an effective business.

As an example designing interiors for a conventional financial company and a trendy creative design house will require totally different approaches as they will need different things and look very different. However they will have similarities. They both may need customer facing areas, collaborative zones, meeting rooms, presentations room, staff amenities.

We determine how the company wants and needs to work. Is there a need for activity based working or hot desking?  Are there teams or departments that need large or small collaborative working spaces. We do a thorough assessment of working practices to determine the best use of the space.

The office post-Covid has changed. Not all people are in the office 9-5, 5 days a week anymore. Home working has increased. Whether this is a permanent way of working isn’t yet clear but it does mean that offices need to be more flexible as a way or dealing with the variable working occupancy rates that are now more common.

Determining a strategy and the key fundaments may also make help businesses determine:

  • Present and future space requirements.
  • Whether to downsize and rent unused space for additional income
  • Conversely, expand to a new floor or consider a new location
  • Adapt to a more fluid occupancy
  • Changing the way the business interacts with its clients
  • Creating zones and determining the high traffic areas that need extra attention. 
interior office deign dubai


We work with you to determine the workplace strategy you need and to provide solutions for the way you want your company to operate in these changing times.

Our core principle is to ensure that your organisation’s brand, values and future objectives are adopted in the design of workspaces that promote staff happiness, productivity and create a positive impression on clients.



Workplace Strategy Plan
Design, Plans. Mood Boards and 3d Visualisations
Procurement fixtures fittings furnishings
Project Management to completion


Why Use Uma Interiors for your Commercial Interior Design Project?

  • Close collaboration to determine a workplace plan and strategy.
  • Latest technology to provide state of the art designs and detailing.
  • Virtual interactive visualisation of the space for an accurate workspace view before signing off on the designs pre-construction.
  • Ongoing support from concept to completion maintaining project quality and conformity.
  • UMA procurement team for the best materials, fixtures and fittings that match brand and budget.
  • High quality designs that balance purpose and the aesthetic for effective workplace spaces.

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