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Riyadh Interior Designers & Interior Architechts

Riyadh Interior Designers and Interior Architects for Residential and Commercial Projects

Riyadh is a flourishing and rejuvenating city and real estate is on the up and up. UMA Interiors is a leading interior design and interior architecture company and we want to be part of the Riyadh boom. We offer services for both commercial and residential projects from small apartments to international hotels and resorts. Based in Dubai we are used to travelling to work closely with clients from all over the world. We love it, embracing global cultures.

Like Riyadh, the UMA team want to bring new vibrancy and a sense of tomorrow to designs. A fusion of the traditional culture with a new modern rejuvenated flavour and a technology functionality of the new world. We want to embrace the excitement, hope and the journey into the future.



Space and Design

As an established interior design firm, we are in an enviable position of having both qualified interior architects and interior designers under one roof. This is beneficial to us and the client as it is easier to coordinate and collaborate to produce the best outcomes.

Our in-house team have extensive experience in both interior architecture and interior designing. Interior architects and interior designers both play an important role in the design of a building’s interior.

Whereas an interior designer is in charge of the actual furnishing and decorating of the interior, an interior architect is in charge of planning the interior of a structure and developing a space plan. To design an interior environment that is both comfortable and aesthetically beautiful, both of these functions are crucial.

Creating a space plan is all about defining spaces that are functional and practical as well as stylish. Getting the right size of rooms and spaces so they perform the required tasks is all about creating an environment that is easy to live or work in. Easy access, generous space for heavy traffic areas, the right size bathrooms, and the right kitchen size is all about an Interior Architects’ creative use and design of space.

How rooms and spaces are positioned, connected and interact is equally important. A home office close to the kitchen or a children’s play area next to the Majlis is not the best location. A kitchen connected to the dining space would make great sense for easily serving the food and keeping the carrying of hot and potentially messy items to a minimum. You would want to avoid this traffic passing through a carpeted living space.

Equally planning all kid’s rooms to be on one floor or one end of the building away from the Majlis would also make for a more relaxing lifestyle. Kids can be kids without annoying adults too much! It would also keep kid’s foot traffic localised and help calm the traffic about the home.

In an office, it wouldn’t be the best plan to have the board room right by the lift for noise issues. Similarly, the kitchen social space next to the main meeting room could not only be noisy but be a highly congested area at times. Planning for how people move around and how that can be controlled is a vital part of the space plan.

The Interior Architect aims to create a living or working environment that makes sense, suits the client’s lifestyle or working methodology, is easy to navigate and has all the functionality required to make the best use of the space and architectural structure of the building. It requires closely working with the client to carefully work through requirements, wishlists and overall design detail.

The UMA design and architecture team work closely together over the space plan coordinating ideas. The design team then work closely with the client to discuss the finer detail of colour, fixtures and fittings, to create the visual look and furnishings and appliances. The team use mood boards and 3D video renders to provide the best possible indication of the the final look and feel. 

How We Work

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Design Principles

Our core principle is to design with sustainability for the ultimate balance of beautiful design, key functionality and the features our clients require.

Our collaborative design process ensures that this balance is established and maintained through to the delivery of the completed project. This ensures that the client’s brief and expectations are met. Throughout the whole process, we make sure that everything is transparently clear and that nothing is overlooked. Attention to detail results in the best outcomes.

We can work from a new concept or existing new development shell and create the ideal spaces for your home. We also design total renovations and makeovers.

Interior Design Services Dubai

Sharjah Villa Kitchen Design
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Kitchen Interior Design

Nowadays the kitchen has a prominent place in a modern home’s lifestyle. It’s become the nerve centre of the home. Large windows that naturally extend to outdoor entertainment areas, an open floor layout, plenty of counter space, integrated storage, an island, and breakfast bars are all modern features. Today’s kitchens are multifaceted, a place where the family gather to meet and catch up. 

At Uma, we create kitchens with the best features of contemporary style and cutting-edge technology for all price ranges.

Sharjah Villa Living Room Interior Design
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Living Room Designs

A living room serves as both a private and social area. It must be cosy and have functional features to fulfil both functions.

Comfortable Sofas and accent chairs can encourage people to enjoy social time and easily talk to one another. Lighting can play an essential role in providing a conducive atmosphere. So side tables and table lights and controllable lighting are common features.

SMART technology to conveniently control temperature and audio and media (TV) is something to consider including the ever-growing voice-activated systems.

Uma Living Room attentively considers clients’ requirements while designing to create beautiful and comfortable spaces that improve the functionality of a contemporary living room design.

The team have experience and solutions for all sizes of budget to provide the best outcomes possible.

Modern Living Room Design
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Bedroom Interior Design

Overall, a well-designed bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxing space that reflects the personal style and preferences of the owner. Your bedroom is your haven. It’s where you want to feel most at ease and surrounded by ultimate comfort.

By considering the key elements of bedroom interior design, designers can create a space that is beautiful, functional, and conducive to rest and relaxation.

Ensuite Bathrooms, Walk-in Wardrobes, relaxation zone, and outdoor terraces are all modern elements that can be accommodated if the space and architecture allow.

Uma Interiors will create a luxurious bedroom that has features that will match the space and your budget.

Modern Outdoor Living Design
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Outdoor Living

Modern life can include a lot of outdoor entertainment.

Open concept kitchens and living rooms flow into the exterior as an extension of the interior space in modern architecture.
Its integration is almost seamless because to the large sliding glass doors.

When designing an outdoor living space, several factors should be considered, including the climate, the size and shape of the space, and the intended use of the area.

Uma designs outdoor spaces to meet your needs and your entertainment requirements.

Why Use Uma Interiors for your Riyadh Interior Design Project?

  • Free pre-design consultation to identify the client’s unique requirements and lay out design concepts.
  • Collaborative design phase – we offer mood boards to show how continuing plans will look and feel. Discussions and feedback help create an ongoing plan to create the precise final designs.
  • We offer House Design 3D views when a design is finished, which give a “true” 360-degree picture of the design space. This gives clients the opportunity to have one last look at the design before we move on to the work phase. Any changes at this stage will cost a lot less than once the build has started.
  • All of our designs consistently strike a balance between aesthetics and utility. A beautiful home is of little use if it is difficult to accomplish the tasks you need to complete. When creating the space, we put the client’s goals and expectations first.
  • From the beginning of the design process until the project is finished, we provide you with support. To ensure that your home interior design is high-quality, on-budget, and completed on schedule, our project management team will handle all contractor work, procurement, and quality control.
  • The Uma team will continuously search for the finest materials and goods at the best prices within the budget for the project. We have connections to the top suppliers and manufacturers of everything from furniture and soft furnishings to SMART home design technology.
  • Our entire business model is based on providing clients with the best in contemporary design that suits their lifestyle. Collaborating closely with customers establishes a productive working atmosphere and a clear understanding of what is needed and what is feasible. By fostering trust, client’s stress is minimised. They can take pleasure in realising their dreams knowing they are in good hands.

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