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Space Planning

Feb 9, 2023 | Home Design

Space Planning – Get the right plan

Space Planning is a key element in creating a home that provides the desired functionality and creates a comfortable environment. A good space plan will provide a home that simple works. A bad plan and you will forever be wishing this or that and your home could potentially irritate you. You want a good plan.

Space planning is conducted by qualified Interior Architects. It creates the layout of the property. The rooms and the room sizes are determined to provide the best functionality, comfort and the clients specific requirements. It involves getting a wishlist from the client and a list of any other requirements – if all rooms need air conditioning, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, is a home office required or any other special room.

Once the Interior Architect has a complete insight into the clients needs then the space can be planned out. In the case of renovating an existing property then the scope may be limited by the existing structure. If it is a new build then the Interior Architect will work closely with the overall project Architect (it they are not the same person).

What is space planning in interior design?

Space planning is an absolutely essential part of any interior design process. It matches the space to the clients needs and makes sure that any space is suitable for the primary function of that space and is the right size to be able to perform this function. Too small or too large a space and performing tasks can be annoying.

Similarly an over elaborate or over decorated space can also become irritating. Living and performing chores in a home should be simple and a smooth process. This is down to good space structure.

How rooms are positioned and their relationship with each other is also important. A home office by the kitchen is not ideal or a kids play room next to the Majlis again is not best planning.

However planning for a kids floor with all the bedrooms. play room, bathroom and say garden access would make a lot more sense and keep kids foot traffic localised.

Also keeping most wet areas close together can make cleaning easier and streamline plumbing services.

Space Planning creates a living environment that makes sense, suits the clients lifestyle and makes best use of the space and architectural structure of the building. It is vital to modern interior design.

You can contact us at any time for a free consultation with no obligation at all.

space planning dirty kitchen

To create an effective Space Plan many questions need to be discussed.
These should include:

  • Property size and number of floors of an existing building or what is currently planned on a new build
  • Current family size and if there are any plans to increase the family size
  • List of rooms required: Home Office, Play area , Majlis, bedrooms with ensuite, separate bathroom, laundry, dirty kitchen……….
  • Once the rooms have been listed then the primary and secondary functions for the room need to be listed also. A home Office for example may double up as a guest bedroom at times, or a laundry may also have a shower for pets and muddy kids.
  • Storage. Important there is enough and is situated in the right areas.
  • Determine social and private spaces. A private living room may be required as well as a social living area. Bedrooms are obviously private while kitchens and dining rooms tend to be social. Linking social spaces can make the private space feel more secure as they do not interact with the social spaces.
  • Plan foot traffic and circulation patterns. Where heavy traffic will pass these areas need to be uncluttered and will also effect furniture position, wall placements, doors and cupboard openings for example. The plan should make traffic areas easy to navigate and open the space to the traffic the functionality needs. Narrow access to a entertainment area is not going to make for easy pathways and general access.
  • Lighting design can also define a sense of space. Downlighting in a kitchen can define that space while a more private area will probably want more table and floor lighting and be easily controllable. Similarly walkways are best served with downlighting. Lighting zones should be planned for and how much control of the lighting is required. Smart Technology with mobile apps can add significant options for lighting control and effects.
  • Positioning of furniture can also create spaces within rooms. The most typical being sofa arrangement to create a relaxing zone inside an open plan living area
  • Outdoor space and any entertainment requirement decks, terracing…

Once these questions and many more are answered the plan can begin to take shape and be discussed and modified as required. What may feel logical to a client may not seem the same to an architect, so its important that both parties take on board suggestions, points of view and are open to a fresh approach. There are certain “rules” that have been developed over time and these are usually a strong base to determine the position of rooms and say appliances in a kitchen. The point of the process though is to create a home that’s is easy and secure to live in as well as looking great.

Uma Interiors and Space Planning

Uma Interiors has qualified and experienced Interior Architects to provide Space Planning services. Highly experienced they will endeavour to create a Space Plan that will create a home that will compliment the needs and dreams of the client. We collaborate with everyone involved to make sure that spaces perform the functionality required in the best and aesthetic way. We want you to have a home that simply works, you feel safe and secure in and you don’t have to ever ask yourself “if only…”

Contact us today to discuss your project. There’s no obligation and an initial consultation is totally free.  We will guide you through the process and illustrate how a Space Plan is a vital ingredient of creating a functional, efficient and great looking home

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