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What Is a Modern Interior Design?

Feb 8, 2023 | Home Design


Modern Interior Design has become an extremely popular style. It’s important to realise that the style does not mean it is “trendy” or necessarily contemporary but it follows the stylistic guidelines of the modernistic movement with its accent on minimalism, functionality, natural elements and clean lines.

The movement started around the turn of the 20th century with German and Scandinavian roots. It was a reaction to the elaborate Victorian era and promoted minimalistic functionality and a stark vision. Through post modernism this softened but the basic elements of a minimalistic and functional approach with natural colours and elements and clean visual lines remain. The use of concrete and steel for example has resulted in larger spans in buildings, a greater use of glass, sliding doors, entertainment decks, open plan designs. Modern Design has been influential in how we live our lives.

What’s the Difference in Modern & Contemporary Interior Design

Modern design involves using the principles of the Modern Design Movement. Contemporary design follows the changing trends of the day. What’s trendy today will not be in the near future.

A Modern design has a longer life cycle as it will always look in keeping with the classic modern style. The contemporary style features and design may look great to begin with but the moment a new trend emerges then your home will look out of date and may well need of a facelift.

The main benefit of using a Modern design is that people never really tire of it. Also by simply changing accessories such as paintings, pictures and pillow colours, you can give the space a brand new look without having to completely redecorate or change furniture. This makes it a great choice for those who like to keep their home looking fresh and modern.

The Main Modern Design Features

  • Clean lines: Modern homes are constructed with clean, straight lines and minimal ornamentation. The architecture will include modern techniques that allow for larger spans that can result in greater use of glass, larger windows, larger spaces and openings and open plan living
  • Open floor plan: Furniture, rather than walls can be used in a variety of ways to create a sense of separation and different spaces in an open plan home. For example, a kitchen island can be used to separate the kitchen from the dining room, and a sectional sofa can help to bring definition to an open living room. This is a great way to make the most of an open plan home and create spaces easily. The use of long low furniture can be useful
  • Minimalism: Modern spaces are free from clutter and unnecessary flourishes. It is all about practicality and efficiency, and it is important to prioritize functionality over trend. Modern Interior design can create a clean and calming atmosphere and is a great way to make a space feel open and inviting.
  • Neutral and natural colours: A Modern style will focus on neutral colours. White, beige, grey, black, and pastel tones create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for any home. It is a great way to bring a sense of peace and serenity into a space.
  • Natural Materials: Unpainted wood and metal are classic choices that create a timeless look, while leather and fabric upholstery add a touch of comfort and elegance. Wood veneers, glass, chrome, steel, and concrete all bring a unique style to the piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Natural materials also adds an organic look and feel that can enhance a link to the local environment and add a calming sense of touch to the space.
  • Natural Light: As the modern design uses larger spans and larger glass windows and doors so the home will be flooded with more natural light. This makes for a happier outlook and potentially lower energy bills and it will bring added light and warmth to the home.

Uma Interiors and Modern Interior Design

At Uma Interiors our designers use the core principles of Modern Interior Design where appropriate and where the client is happy to embrace the benefits of a modern design.

The amount of design possible will of course be determined by the existing property structure and architecture. Where there is more scope to influence the interior architecture of the project and implement space planning then the potential for Modern Design increases. If Uma Interior Architects are involved in determining the interior space layout then it is more likely that a greater amount of modern principles can be applied.

We work closely with clients to fully inform them of the effects and benefits of our designs. Where clients want something different of course we oblige. In no way are we dogmatic about the use of modern design theory. We always look to include local traditions and local furnishing styles and embellishments. The residence should always have the desired look and feel and include local customs where required – majlis, dirty kitchens, ceiling design and ornaments for example. Our design process is a collaborative one so, clients can always be clear about what they want and we are transparent about how we deliver it. Contact us anytime.

We provide a free consultation without any obligation so we can get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit.

What Is a Modern Interior Design?

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What Is a Modern Interior Design?

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